C&G Law Firm operates for bondholders of EUCO S.A.

Piotr Gałuszyński, a partner at C&G Law Firm, has become an attorney for the bondholders of Europejskie Centrum Odszkodowań S.A.

As the company announces in a release, this action is a way to meet the expectations raised by some of the bondholders holding B-series bonds issued by Europejskie Centrum Odszkodowań S.A.

For more detailed information, any Bondholder may contact attorney Piotr Galuszynski via e-mail (p.galuszynski@cg-lawfirm.pl) or telephone (570 550 133). The e-mail should be accompanied by a certificate of deposit.

Full company announcement is available here.

Partner, Attorney-at-law