Czabański & Gałuszyński Law Firm advises the “AXA” Association pro bono

Czabański & Gałuszyński Law Firm’s partners and lawyers highly value all forms of social action. That is why we started our pro bono cooperation with the „AXA” Association. We treat this as our modest contribution towards building a civil society. We are committed to providing NGOs with access to legal assistance – which allows them to develope fully and prosper.

The „AXA” Association has been operating since 2005, supporting social, educational and charitable activities of local communities, and promoting an active and creative way of life for residents of local communities, implementing many key initiatives over several years.

The flagship project in which „AXA” is involved is the annual Work Camp for children and young people, an integration event for young participants with volunteers from around the world invited to take part in the project. During classes, volunteers share their experiences in an accessible way and bring children closer to the culture, traditions and customs of their countries. The camp’s program also includes music, art, dance and culinary workshops. For 10 days, children have a great opportunity to actively particpate in an international environment.

The Association’s activity , however, does not focus only on the youngest citizens. Over the years, „AXA” has organized picnics and sporting events for young people and adults many times. Workshops on, inter alia, the art of self-presentation, public speaking, and computer graphics have been very popular.

Finally, „AXA” also provides access to cultural events, supporting the organization of many Christmas concerts and important historical anniversaries. The support provided to the Association by Czabański & Gałuszyński Law Firm’s lawyers in the scope of legal assistance services includes ongoing legal assistance in the implementation of the Association’s projects.