Right Power Commodities s.r.o.

Advising to entities from an international energy group in the project of acquisition of 100% of shares in KSM Energia sp. z o. o. made by Right Power Commodities s.r.o., and the sale of its TRMEW Obrót S.A. shares. The key element of the transaction was an arrangement of the mutual settlements between the companies. These settlements concerned several loans granted between individual entities, as well as an investment loan granted by BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. to KSM Energia sp. z o. o. in connection with the investment aimed at renewable energy sources.
Apart from the acquisition of shares in KSM Energia sp. z o. o., and the sale of shares in TRMEW Obrót S.A., the scope of the transaction also included the sale of shares in Gaselle sp. z o. o. and Right Power Commodities s.r.o. – a company incorporated under the law of Czech Republic.